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No more Books until Christmas???

So i just found out that i wont be buying anymore books until Christmas, because yesterday I went to Barnes & Noble, and i spent the last of my money =( Since i don’t have a job i wont be getting anymore money until Christmas!! So after i finish my pile of books that i haven’t read which will be soon. I’ll have to rely on the library when i can get there, giveaways, and people who are nice enough to send me RAKS!!, and i promise whenever i get some money to those of you who decide to be awesomely awesome and send me a RAK i will definitely send you something in return =) So thanks for reading!! Looking forward to hearing from you guys!!!



Okay so i keep seeing all these IMM and all these people are getting books for review. So i was wondering if someone could enlighten me on how that whole process works, because i’d like to start reviewing books next summer. So if someone could leave me a comment or an email at explaining how this whole thing works i’d really appreciate it!! Thanks guys!!


Mimi Valentine

Go to Donna’s Blog Home for a chance to win yourself a book from the 100 Follower giveaway!! Have fun!!

Here’s the link:

I need some new ideas!

Okay my lovely followers, this blog is doing great and i’m so excited about all the Hits. But my other blog isnt doing as well even though I’m doing the same things on there that i did with this blog!! So i was wondering if anyone who reads this could leave some comments about what you think i should do differently to get more people looking at my other blog. Which is on Blogger by the way!

Thanks for the help


Who likes Vampires???

Hi everyone!! so im just announcing this awesome giveaway to get people to join it! Me, My Shelf, and I, and Fictious Delicious have decided to put together a giveaway for US only! It’s in honor of Richelle Mead’s Bloodlines!! So these two have decided to make this giveaway all about vampires!!! I cant wait myself to enter so you click on their names and enter yourselves too!


9 Hits

Okay how about this as soon as my blog gets 15 hits i’ll put up the next 2 chapters. I’ve already written up to 9 Chapters. But i didnt want to put them up all at the same time because it might get a little overwhelming. So when we get to 15 hits you can expect chapters 3 and 4!!!

Thanks for reading!!


I’d be grateful if anyone who reads this blog could pass the link along to your friends and family and things like that. Remember if you read mine i’ll read yours, and i’ll write something about the post i’m reading for you in my blog!!! Thanks to anyone who reads my posts then passes the link around!!! =)